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Top Rated Design Tips to make your Living Room a Haven

Top Rated Design Tips to make your Living Room a Haven

When it comes to designing the most lived in part of your abode, you can expect your creativity and design sense going all over the place. What kind of look would you like your living room to don? An ultra-modern contemporary look or a more traditional old-time appeal? Will an accent wall appeal to your senses? Would you like to include retro or eclectic show pieces? Should your lounging space and sofa be in blue or gray? There is absolutely no dearth of options to choose from when you are ready to make your interiors look more appealing than ever.

Here are some top tips from reputed interior decorators. They will help you create magic in the area where you would like to create your living space in.

A modern look becomes easy with white walls

Starting with white walls is the right way of starting it all – you just cannot go wrong. In most cases, modern art pertains to creating the best impact through a skillful arrangement of art and color. This is why you need to have a neutral background so that the colors stand out to perfection and just as you would like them to. White provides a nice and clean canvas wherein you can start creating your theme with stylish wall art, classy furniture base, colorful throw pillows and cushions, a warm rug, and so forth.

Sofa sets are passé

Your choice of seating should not center around complete living sets or conventional sofa sets that are now out of style. Modern living spaces rely on a cohesive look that can be created by choosing foundational pieces such as arm chairs, a sofa, low lying single bed for lounging purposes, etc. the pieces chosen by you should be fit enough to complement each other and create an overall look that invites you and your loved ones to relax during free time.

Do not bend back from mixing various materials

How about combining various kinds of finishes for creating a modern living room. A layered look with different textures would contribute to a good-looking dynamic design that will alleviate the concerns of your living space looking boring and dull. You may want to use a smart mixture of fabrics in velvet, leather and linen so as to offset the furniture finishes chosen by you. Similarly, the furnishings in the room should complement all other facets to give off a rather collected look than one that’s just ‘matching.’ It is a good idea to match up dark and light colors, soft and hard touches, etc. to create a perfectly balanced look.

These and plenty of other designing tips will make your living room appear inviting and warm. You may like to click here to get a closer peep into what reputed designers are creating these days. Once you have conceptualized the sort of interiors that would suit your style – go right ahead and indulge – you will be surprised with the results.

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