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ReRoofing Explained : Pros and Cons of ReRoofing and What it is Exactly

ReRoofing Explained : Pros and Cons of ReRoofing and What it is Exactly

When your home needs a new roof installed a roofing contractor may give you the option of reroofing the home. While reroofing is a legitimate way to cover a home in some cases there are pros and cons of reroofing that the roofing contractor may not tell you about. In this article I’ll go over what it means to reroof a home and why it may be a good option for covering your home with a new roof. 

ReRoofing Explained : Pros and Cons of ReRoofing and What it is Exactly

The term reroofing is used to describe a method of installing a new roof on your home. The most common type of reroofing is done with asphalt shingles. Metal roofing can be used in reroofing if there is a suitable roofing material already attached to the home’s roof. Most common reroofing with metal roofing is done with asphalt shingles installed on the home.

When a home is reroofed basically a new layer of roofing material is placed on top of the existing roof. Only small portions of the old roof are removed. New roofing material is attached to the roof using nails that penetrate the old roofing down to the roof decking. Reroofing a home can have some advantages over the other method that is commonly used called tear off and replacement of the roof.

Advantages of Reroofing a Home

When a home is reroofed there are many things that are not done to the roof which can cut the price down significantly. Since most of the old roofing is left in place the labor usually charged with tear off and replacement is not used so it’s cheaper on labor. Also since there is much less debris from the roof removal you’ll save on that too. Another area that reroofing will save on is the felt or under layment that goes under roofing materials such as asphalt shingles. With so many savings the cost of reroofing a home can be significantly lower than a complete tear off and installation of a new roof.

Disadvantages of Reroofing a Home

The biggest disadvantage of reroofing a home is that the roof is not inspected as well as with other roofing methods. Since the old roof is left in place inspecting under the roofing material is not able to be performed. Although most roofing contractors will go into the attic of the home to inspect the underside of the roof there may be problems that slip by. Another disadvantage of reroofing is that any problems on the existing roof in terms of rises or uneven places will be shown when the new roof is installed over it.

Can All Homes Be Reroofed?

Most areas have building codes in place that limit the number of reroofs your home can have. Typically the most layers of shingles you can place on your home is two. Adding a third layer would simply put too much weight on the roof and can cause structural problems. Be sure to check with your local laws to see if reroofing is allowed in your area.

So Is Reroofing a Good Idea?

Reroofing provides a very economical way to cover your home when you need a new roof. There are options that you can choose to cut down on the cost of your home’s roof and this is one of them. For longevity it’s best to get a complete tear off and replacement of the old roof so that it can be fully inspected.

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