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Essential Factors of Considerations for Purchasing an Oriental Rug

Essential Factors of Considerations for Purchasing an Oriental Rug

Along with the knot count and durability of Oriental rugs and carpets, there are a few more important factors of consideration that have to be borne in mind when you decide to go for their purchase. For instance, most buyers would like to consider the material in use before anything else. Then, the aesthetic value of the rug in question and how it would eventually look in a given setting has to be gauged before the decision to buy the same is taken. Among the most important factors that comes into play when buyers like you set off to gain the Oriental rugs for decoration purposes are design, size and color.

  1. Color

Before you start shortlisting decorative oriental rugs, do not forget to assess the existing color scheme and decorative theme of the room that you intend laying out your buy in. One important thing to consider is whether you would like to get a rug that is harmonious with the room’s color scheme or is in complete contrast. In case you need harmony, then it would be a good idea to choose a rug that matches the tone of the color scheme used in the room. You may want to select a secondary color as it would go well with the primary shades that are already in use. By choosing a rug color that reflects the dominating shade in the color scheme would only make your room appear monochromatic and boring. On the other hand, a contrasting effect can be cast by choosing a shade that belongs to a completely different color scheme than the one used in your room. This may prove to be a risky proposition if you manage to select a carpet or rug that ends up clashing with the colors dominating the given space

However, in case the room is neutral, then you may want to buy a vibrant rug to add new life and character.

  1. Design

The design of the decorative rug is of lesser importance then its color scheme. This is because it is easy to find dissonant patterns blending in if they boast of the proper colors. However, the design of carpets and rugs have to be ascertained with care as they go a long way in enhancing the overall atmosphere and look of the room in which they are laid out eventually. For example, curvilinear designs that are intricate and floral tend to be quite ornate and are best suited to lavishly designed settings. On the other hand, geometric designs look better with minimalist, modern rooms.

  1. Size

Along with measuring the space available for the Oriental rug that you intend to buy, you also need to consider the boldness and amount of the other furnishings and fixtures in the specific room. The boldly colored rugs and the ones with strong patterns generally need a lot more room to themselves than the ones with delicate patterns and pastel shades; choose accordingly.

Are you ready to purchase new Oriental rugs for decorative purposes; start your quest without any further delay and bring your home an altogether new look.

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