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4 Tips To Attract More People To Your Store

4 Tips To Attract More People To Your Store

When running a retail business, you have to constantly come up with new ways to attract customers to the store. Else, their interest in your business might fizzle out, and they can move onto other stores. And if you are a store owner trying to think of newer ways to pull customers to your shop, then the below tips can be of great help.

Conduct In-Store and Vendor Events

An easy way to attract large numbers of people is to conduct in-store and vendor events. In-store events are mainly focused on things like seminars, creative shows and so on. They are events which spark interest among the public to come into the store and check out your offerings. Vendor events are more commercial in nature and often include a representative from a specific vendor who will set up stalls with their products. Special discounts may be given by the vendor during such events, which can increase the sales and revenues of your store.


Has your shop remained unchanged over the past several years? Then it may be time to give it a new look. Consult with an interior designer and make the necessary modifications to the store so that it looks beautiful and new. You can also use retail fixtures from Melvin Roos to make the store more attractive. The renovation alone can bring in more people into the store since they usually love to check out any shop that is brand new or upgraded. But be sure to set up attractive offerings. Otherwise, the initial traffic you received might slow down.

Promote With other Business

Check the businesses in your locality and identify those which you can use for promotion. You can then approach their owners and come to some type of cross promotion arrangement. For example, if your store sells clothing, and you see a supermarket across the street, you can run a campaign wherein every customer who spends $100 or more in the supermarket is given 10% flat discount on your clothing. By doing so, you can attract the visitors of the supermarket to your store. And the owner of the supermarket also wins since people who want to get 10% discount from you will spend a minimum of $100 in his supermarket.


A very good way to develop closeness with customers is to become more personal with them. A simple way to do this will be to collect phone numbers and email addresses of your customers and send them a birthday wish every year. You can also tabulate their purchases and identify people who are spending more in your store and give them special discounts to incentivize them to continue purchasing from your shop.

So, try out the above tips in your store and you will definitely see a positive response from the customers.

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